Fox News’s Poor Choice of Words

Fox News headline reads “Sex scandal boomerang: is the left ready for a Bill Clinton reckoning?” Maybe it is time to talk about the allegations against Bill. But that’s not what bothers me about that headline. It’s their choice of words—“sex scandal.” The firestorm unleashed by the Harvey Weinstein revelations and the #MeToo movement is... Continue Reading →


Comparing ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Blade Runner 2049’

BEWARE OF SPOILERS! When I saw the original Blade Runner about a year ago, I had high expectations. My fellow film fanatics worshipped it as a hallmark of the sci-fi genre. They raved about the unique visual style, the storytelling, and the big, existential questions it asked. I was ready to be amazed. But I... Continue Reading →

Health Care is a Human Right

A couple years ago, I had a brief stint in the emergency room of the Philadelphia children's hospital. It wasn't anything serious; they sent me on my way after awhile with a dose of antibiotic and an Elmo band-aid (not my idea) on my arm. But what was staggering, when it arrived in the mail a few... Continue Reading →

Mike Pence and Institutional Racism

In the maelstrom of despicable, outlandish, and destructive things Trump has said and continues to say, I think some of his scarier sentiments have gone largely unnoticed. One that rattled me especially came in one of the Republican debates: Trump's declaration regarding immigration that "Here we speak English," which I consider the perfect representation of his blatant... Continue Reading →

The Problem with Punishment

From our earliest years, we are taught that actions have consequences. It's a simple idea, and it makes sense, particularly to a growing mind still learning the way the world works. Good deeds are rewarded, and bad deeds result in punishment. It provides both a motivation and a basic framework for morality. I lived most... Continue Reading →

Just a Thought

This is the first installment in a series of spontaneous ideas/contemplations regarding politics, film, television, and pop culture in general. Enjoy. In Lord of the Rings, why does Frodo Baggins get all the credit? He just whines, lets Gollum manipulate him, and generally decreases the good guys' chances of success. It seems like Sam does most of the work.... Continue Reading →


I want to clarify something: my view of Hillary Clinton has not changed one bit in recent months. I still think she is a fantastic leader and would have made a stellar president. However, that does not prevent me from recognizing her flaws as a candidate or recognizing how those flaws led to her defeat.... Continue Reading →

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