Avengers: Infinity War

I feel morally obligated to warn you, dear reader, that below there lies a nest of spoilers regarding Avengers: Infinity War, but chances are you have already seen this movie. It did, after all, make a record $258 million in its opening weekend and has already crossed $1 billion at the international box office. Marvel's... Continue Reading →


The Greatest Show on Earth

Last week, HBO released the trailer for the second season of Westworld, the hit science-fiction series whose first season broke records for the network and captured the attention of millions of viewers, including me. I first watched Westworld on a flight to Germany last summer. I didn’t know much about the show going in, but... Continue Reading →

‘Black Panther’ Is a Good Movie with Great Purpose

In its opening weekend, Marvel Studios’ Black Panther instantly became the highest-grossing February release in history, the 5th-biggest opening weekend of all time, the highest-grossing movie with an black director, and the highest-grossing movie with a predominantly black cast. Those last two are particularly important. Hollywood has long shied away from casting minority actors and... Continue Reading →

The Oscars Are Broken

On the night of Sunday, March 4th, one of nine films will be crowned Best Picture of 2018 at the 90th Academy Awards. It’s a tight race — many pundits say it’s one of the toughest to call in years. The problem? Not many of the nominees are very good, and even fewer are truly... Continue Reading →

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